Computer games & consumer electronics: investigated and fined


The Turkish Competition Authority (the “TCA”) has recently completed its investigation against 11 companies operating in the field of computer and console games and consumer electronics. In its decision No 16- 37/628-279[1] the TCA concluded that certain companies, including Teknosa, Vatan Bilgisayar, Vestel and LG Electronics, were involved in activities limiting competition, and imposed administrative fines on 10 out of 11 companies.

The TCA found that companies violated Article 4 of the Law of Turkey No 4054 on Protection of Competition (equivalent of Article 101 TFEU). In particular:

  • Aral Oyun Konsol ve Aksesar, Doğan Müzik Kitap Mağazacılık, Vatan Bilgisayar, Teknosa, Kliksa, and Gold Teknoloji colluded for the purposes of maintaining retail prices in the market for computer and console games;
  • LG Electronics, MS İstanbul and Teknosa colluded for the purposes of maintaining retail prices in the market for consumer electronics; and
  • Vestel and Turk Philips maintained resale prices for companies which handle the retail sales of their products.

At the same time, the TCA did not find any evidence of anticompetitive behaviour in economic activities of (i) Bimeks for both of the markets investigated, and (ii) Vatan Bilgisayar for the consumer electronics market.

As regards the amount of fines in this case, they range from 240.245 to 4.683.231.

*by Mustafa AYNA, ACTECON, in collaboration with Dr. Hanna Stakheyeva, Bogazici University.