Actecon Alumni Day

Fevzi Toksoy & Charlotte Eijberts’den anılar.

Fevzi Toksoy & Charlotte Eijberts

In the weekend of February 4th I had the chance to meet with my former big boss Mr. Fevzi Toksoy in my home town Amsterdam. We met  in snowy, freezing Amsterdam, a setting very different from Istanbul, about 2 years after my internship finished at Actecon.  It was all about reviving memories and sharing dedikodu (gossips).

I still remember being nervous on the first day of work in June 2009, meeting my new colleagues and meeting new challenges. With my first internship in the legal field, I knew I had to learn a lot. How to write legal opinions, how to analyze and how to be efficient while doing these things etcetera etcetera (still I am not finished learning). From working on legal problems to writing articles, it was all part of the game. Writing articles resulted for example in an article written together with Mr. Toksoy for the American Bar Association.

I found “sparring partners” in my colleagues and a mentor in Mr. Toksoy. Needless to say, I had great time at Actecon. This proved to have influenced me more than foreseen. One small example is that during the internship at Actecon, I used to work in the field of competition law and regulatory law and today I still work in these particular fields.

Although, the learning curve was high, it was not all about work. Going for lunch and meeting outside work with my colleagues, it all occurred regularly. I am still happy to be in contact with my old colleagues and friends. And with all the newsflashes that I received in Amsterdam, I think I can say that I am still up-to-date.

A lot has changed since I finished the Erasmus exchange program at Yeditepe University and applied for an internship at Actecon. At Actecon things changed, for example has moved to a new office. And for me, after the internship I pursued my career and worked in law firms both in the Netherlands as in Lebanon, and currently I am employed by Bird & Bird in the Hague, the Netherlands.

Although I am in a new phase of life, I still think back to where it all began…

Charlotte Eijberts

Yazar: Belit Polat

She dares to know.

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